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We do our best to be a company that is open to growth and development of our empleyees as well as a place for good ideas to come true. We are not afraid of new things and we welcome challenges. Our team is looking for motivated and responsible employees whose joint efforts will help us meet our customers' requirements.

For our new employees, we provide intense training, and we consider time spent in the learning process an investment. We encourage the graduates to show their potential. Our employees are also given space for their own professional growth.

́I like the way people approach their new colleagues here. Everybody tries to help and explain everything I need. It’s not a monotonous work, and I am still learning something new. I can imagine myself working here for years to come.‘

Jan (works for Hiatus since 01/2017)

́I started working for Hiatus CZ in 2013 as a graduate in CNC machinistics. After gaining the necessary experience, I started working on a machine used for very precise and complicated technical parts production. In April 2017, I started working as a CAM technologist. What I appreciate the most about Hiatus is the opportunity for professional growth. ́

(Radim, works for Hiatus since 03/2013)

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