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Milled Plastic Parts

HDPE 500; PA; PETP; Sika Block; Styren; Polycarbonate; POM
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Milled Steel Parts

We offer our experience with milling of stainless steel parts. According to our customers‘ requierements, we also provide stainless steel polishing. We can also offer surface finishing of steel parts (blackening, nickel coating, chromate treatment) after milling.
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Milled Parts From Non-Ferrous Metals

Duraluminium alloys; Copper Alloys
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Moulds For Molded Fibre Packaging Production

Moulds for Hospital Disposable Products; Moulds For Molded Fibre Egg Packaging
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Moulds for Sheet-Metal Advertising Boards

POM Material
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Rapid prototyping

Production of a chain wheel according to a damaged sample provided by a customer – 3D scan, 3D prototype printing, forming a prototype, casting a series of pieces
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